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Natalia is originally from Guatemala. She's a diversity, equity and inclusion specialist. Currently she's the Associate Director for Justice & Equity at

John Kerry was announced as climate envoy a few days ago, and shortly after President elect Biden announced that Kerry would be sitting on the National Security Council (NSC) also as envoy. In some sectors of the climate movement I heard a lot of enthusiasm because Kerry would now be on the NSC. To be frank, it took my breath away. From my point of view, this was not a good thing, as I weighed the pros and cons. …

Race and ethnicity are social constructs. Given current definitions of these terms can you name which one of the categories below is not a race?

Much has been said about the Latino/a vote yet too many of these analyses are all surface hot takes because the mainstream media and political pundits have a long way to go in understanding the history of this manufactured ethnicity.

That’s right the Latino/a and Hispanic ethnicities were created by the US government, media and some nonprofits that wanted a way to group a population that had been until the 1970s categorized as white by…

Natalia Cardona Sanchez

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